September Monthly Activities

Monthly Activities

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Books to Read

  • ABC Dream by Kim Krans
  • ABC Pasta: an entertaining alphabet by Juana Medina
  • ABC School's for Me! by Susan B. Katz; illustrated by Lynn Munisnger
  • ABCs from Space: a Discovered Alphabet by Adam Voiland
  • ABC's of Baseball by Peter Golenbock; illustrated by Dan Andreasen
  • ABCs on Wheels by Ramon Olivera
  • ABC Yoga by Christiane Engel
  • ABC Zooborns! by Andrew Bleiman & Chris Eastland
  • ABZzz... A Bedtime Alphabet by Isabel Minhós Martins; illustrated by Yara Kono
  • A is for Musk Ox by Erin Cabatingan; illustrated by Matthew Myers
  • Alligators All Around: an alphabet by Maurice Sendak
  • Alphabet Fun: making letters with your body by Isabel Thomas
  • Alphabet Trains by Samantha R. Vamos; illustrated by Ryan O'Rourke
  • Alphasaurs and Other Prehistoric Types by Sharon Werner & Sarah Forss
  • An Annoying ABC by Barbara Bottner; illustrated by Michael Emberley
  • An Excessive Alphabet: Avalanches of As to Zillions of Zs by Judi Barrett; illustrated by Ron Barrett
  • Animal Alphabet: from Ape to Zebra by Kara McMahon; illustrated by Christopher Moroney
  • A Pirate Alphabet; the ABCs of Piracy! by Anna Butzer & Chris Jevons
  • Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray
  • Backseat A-B-See by Maria van Lieshout
  • Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel
  • Big Words for Little Geniuses by Susan & James Patterson; illustrated by Hsinping Pan
  • B is for Bear: a natural alphabet by Hannah Viano
  • Click, Clack, ABC by Doreen Cronin & Betsy Lewin
  • Crayola Fall Colors by Mari Schuh
  • Did You Take the B from my _ook? by Beck & Matt Stanton
  • D is for Dress-Up: the ABCs of what we wear by Maria Carluccio
  • Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
  • E-mergency! by Tom Lichtenheld & Ezra Fields-Meyer
  • F is for Friendship: a Quilt Alphabet by Helen L. Wilbur; illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen
  • Fish by Liam Francis Walsh
  • Hello Autumn! by Shelley Rotner
  • Ice Cream Summer by Peter Sis
  • If Rocks Could Sing: a Discovered Alphabet by Leslie McGuirk
  • It's Raining Pigs and Noodles: poems by Jack Prelutsky; drawings by James Stevenson
  • Jane Foster's ABC by Jane Foster
  • Little i by Michael Hall
  • Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa by Anna Dewdney
  • LMNO Peas by Keith Baker
  • May I Have a Word? by Caron Levis; illustrated by Andy Rash
  • M is for Mischief: an A to Z of naughty children by Linda Ashman; illustrated by Nancy Carpenter
  • M is for Money: an economics alphabet by Debbie & Michael Shoulders; illustrated by Marty Kelley
  • Pirate Stew by Neil Gaiman; illustrated by Chris Riddell
  • Playful Pigs from A to Z by Anita Lobel
  • Poor Puppy and Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel
  • Prince & Pirate by Charlotte Gunnufson; illustrated by Mike Lowery
  • R is for Rocket: an ABC Book by Tad Hills
  • ROAR-chestra! : A Wild Story of Musical Words by Robert Heidbreder; illustrated by Duýan Petricic
  • Sewing Stories: Harriet Powers' Journey from Slave to Artist by Barbara Herkert; illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton
  • Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC by June Sobel; illustrated by Henry Cole
  • Signing Around Town: Sign Language for Kids by Kathryn Clay; illustrated by Michael Reid
  • SuperHero ABC by Bob McLeod
  • The Alphabet from the Sky by Benedikt Grob & Joey Lee
  • The Construction Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta; illustrated by Rob Bolster
  • The Little Red Cat (who ran away from home and learned his ABC's the hard way) by Patrick McDonnell
  • There is a Carrot in my Ear, and other Noodle Tales retold by Alvin Schwartz; pictures by Karen Ann Weinhaus
  • The Runaway Pea Kjartan Poskitt; illustrated by Alex Willmore
  • The Sleepy Little Alphabet: a bedtime story from Alphabet Town by Judy Sierra; illustrated by Melissa Sweet
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABC Book by Eric Carle
  • Today I Feel...: an Alphabet of Feelings by Madalena Moniz
  • Twenty-Six Pirates by Dave Horowitz
  • Twenty-Six Princesses by Dave Horowitz

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