Literacy Videos for Grown-Ups

Reading 'Round the Clock

Reading can happen anytime, anywhere!  And you and your children can explore the joy of reading together with this series of “Reading ‘Round the Clock” videos, with easy tips for working reading practice into everyday activities.  Three videos: Reading on the Go, Reading for a Purpose, and Reading on the Screen, each show reading opportunities that fit into your family’s lifestyle, are fun to do, and help prepare your child for Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. A companion series of tip sheets for caregivers of children in prekindergarten through third grade is available for free download. 

  • Reading on the Go
    This video introduces caregivers to the many ways they can help children with reading skills while on the go, such as spotting all the places where you see letters and words in a city block, at a store, or on the road.
  • Reading for a Purpose
    Whether it be reading for fun or finding information, a wide range of activities can support reading skills - from working with word lists to pretending to be a favorite book character.
  • Reading on the Screen
    It's true! You can help children with their reading skills while they use a handheld device, watch television, or sit in front of a computer. Talking with children about what they observe and experience on the screen leads to increased comprehension.

Early Literacy Videos from Groundwork Leadership Fellowship

Groundwork Ohio, a statewide organization that advocates for high-quality early learning and healthy development strategies, sponsors the Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship, a learning leadership opportunity for childcare workers, preschool teachers, and other early childhood professionals. One of the Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship project created a set of brief videos demonstrating early literacy practices in real-life, everyday settings:

The printable song cards shown in the Music in Early Literacy video are available as a free download from The Cozy Red Cottage website. This information is included as a courtesy and does not constitute an endorsement.